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How would the "Energy Turnaround" look like, if an interdisciplinary team of planners would get the assignment to develop a technical project on the basis of the enacted Energy Turnaround by the Swiss Federal Council. This is the starting point of the publication "EnergieRespekt". The book is conceived as guidance for the turnaround from an engineering point of view.
Rainer Bacher, Armin Binz, Hanspeter Eicher, Rolf Iten, Mario Keller: EnergieRespekt; german, Faktor Verlag, Zurich 2014, 92 pages, 50 CHF. ISBN: 978-3-905711-27-1
Some small errors have unfortunately crept in, see here (german)
Merkblatt Gebaeudeerneuerung Schatten 180
Pre-Standard SIA 2047 "Energy Renovation of Buildings"
With the pre-standard 2047 "Energy Renovation of Buildings" the Association of Swiss Engineers and Architects (SIA) defines a methodology to integrate aspects of energy efficiency into the planning process of building renovation for planners and architects. The document is of normative nature and therefore claims to depict the state of the art in a focused and operable way. The document  has been elaborated at the Institute of Energy in Building by Monika Hall, Gregor Steinke, Armin Binz and Achim Geissler andwas published in January 2015 by the SIA. The same team published an explanatory documentation.
SIA Doku 2047 Lebensdauerdiagramm Schatten
SIA Documentation D 0249 "Energy Renovation of Buildings"
In addition to the SIA pre-standard 2047 "
Energy Renovation of Buildings", a documentation has been compiled and published in fall 2017, which explains the procedures for the professional planning of energetic building renovations in more detail. The focus is on a similar, detailed presentation of eight successful energetic building renovations. In particular, the working tools of the pre-standard are presented in the documentation, such as the service life analysis of the components, the renewal diagram with various renewal paths, and the success diagram according to the Energy Efficiency Path of the SIA.
SIA Doku D 0249 "Energetische Gebäudeerneuerung", German, 90 p, CHF 100, Zurich 2017, ISBN 978-3-03732-048-8
Beratung Kellerdeckendaemmung SWISSPOR Schatten 180
In these days Armin Binz is mostly engaged in consulting. This comprises a great variety of projects and mandates in the scope of energy efficient and sustainable building, such as expertise and evaluation reports, collaboration within product development, assessment of promotion and subvention strategies, assistance and professional support of programs of pilot- and demonstration-buildings etc.
Wettbewerb AUE Neubau Schattten 180
Architectural Juries
Armin Binz participated as an architect and energy expert in many architectural juries. Lately in the contest on the new administrative building for the Office of Energy and Environment of Basel-City. Also in 2013 there was the architectural contest for the development of multifamily houses in Muensingen (Canton of Berne), with Armin Binz in the Jury as well. For many contests drafts for the calls and comparative evaluations of the submitted projects have been executed for the attention of the respective jury.
Titelbild SIA 380 4 Schatten 180
SIA 380/4, Model of Demand of Electricity of Residential Buildings
The Norm 380/4 "Electrical Energy in Buildings" is currently undergoing revision. Armin Binz is member of the commission and the working group of the subtask to develop a model of demand of electricity of residential buildings. Such a model – if matching with reality to a high extent – would be useful for energy analysis of buildings, i.e. for the respective software.
Energiezukunft Schweiz Buehn Verlag Schatten 1
Energy Future Switzerland
In December 2014, the publication "Energy Future Switzerland" has been released. The 140-page book includes a foreword by Barbara Egger-Jenzer, energy director of the Canton of Bern, an introductory article by Walter Steinmann, Director of the Federal Office of Energy and 10 experts on various issues. All contributions are given in German and English in parallel. My paper discusses the importance of "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in buildings" for the Energy Future Switzerland.
Egger-Jenzer, B. et al: "Energy Future Switzerland", 140 pages, German and English, publishing house Bühn (, Munich 2014, ISBN 978-3-932831-47-8

AWEL Standard Schatten
Building Replacement or Renovation?
The Office for Waste, Water, Energy and Air of the Canton of Zurich (AWEL) 2005 developed and published on its website a standard on the issue of "Building replacement or renovation?". After nearly 10 years, it has become necessary to update this standard because more accurate data are available and the situation has changed markedly. On the basis of preliminary work by Armin Binz AWEL published on its website in December 2014 the updated version of the AWEL standard "Building replacement or renovation?". Download (german)
ME Zertifikat Binz 180
Starting in spring 2006 until the end of 2012 Armin Binz headed the MINERGIE Agency for Buildings which is in charge with care and development of the MINERGIE building standards, the MINERGIE modules, the MINERGIE professionals network and the further training program. Moreover it assists the certification offices in all technical questions. Under the responsibility of Armin Binz the MINERGIE elite standards MINERGIE-P and MINERGIE-A have been developed and implemented, the number of professional partners rose from 300 to 2'000, the amount of MINERGIE modules (like windows, stoves, solar collectors, ventilation systems, luminaires etc.) got multiplied and the number of certified MINERGIE buildings rose from 6'000 to 30'000. From January 2016 to June 2017, Armin Binz Armin has once again been appointed Deputy Managing Director of Minergie. He led a development team at that time with the task of reworking and updating the building standards of Minergie. He continues to support MINERGIE as a consultant.
GEAK Beispiel MFH Basel Schatten
The Building Energy Certificate of the Cantons (GEAK) has been developed by Armin Binz on behalf of the Conference of the Board  of the Energy Directors of the Cantons (EnDK) in 2007. It is an online-tool which has been published on  August 1, 2009 and which is open to be used by certified experts to produce standardised energy certificates of buildings. Until the end of 2013 some 27'000 certificates have been produced and published. 2011 the tool has been completed with the GEAK Plus supplement which allows to compute and create energy audit reports, comprising energy analysis of the building and the presentation of up to three renovation variants with information to the respective cost and cost-effectiveness.
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Basel, Pilot Region of the 2000-Watt-Society
The canton Basel-City is well-known for it's exemplary energy policy. The City of Basel has fostered and realised a lot of impressive pilot- and demonstration objects and buildings. Armin Binz and his team at the Institute of Energy in Building were mandated over many years to coordinate the activities of the large project called Basel pilot region of the 2000-Watt-Society.
Dritter Basler Modernisierungswettbewerb Schatten
Third Architectural Contest of the City of Basel on Building Renovation
Armin Binz will be a member of the jury of the third architectural contest on innovative and sustainable building renovation. He participated allready in the two preceding renovation contests. Five projects had been assessed by the jury in January 2015. One project received financial funding  and the respective planning team won an award. A second project also received funding and the planning team of a third project won an award too. More information and report of the jury.
HEUREKA-Haus Schatten
In summer 1991 the research exhibition HEUREKA took place in Zurich. Dr. Ruedi Kriesi, the then head of the Energy Office of the Canton of Zurich, proposed to build a zero-heating energy house alike the residential buildings he had developed and realised in Wädenswil. Hence under my project management, the HEUREKA house was concretised and  realised by the architect Freddy Jauch according to the heating  concept of Dr. Kriesi's zero-heating-energy houses in Wädenswil and presented to a broad public. According to the special circumstances the HEUREKA-house has made some other things exhibitionally effective. So that it could be deconstructed after the exhibition and rebuilt at a definitive location, it was developed as an early example of the later so successful prefabrication of highly insulated buildings in timber construction, with the then exceptional decision to protect the timber construction with mineral façade panels.
Titelblatt NZEB deutsch Schatten 180
Net Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) have become a key concept in discussions on energy efficient building in the last few years. The term has been adopted for the revision 2010 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) of the EU. Though it has been also adapted to "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings". In the framework of the International Energy Agency (IEA) a long standing research project has been established and executed with many countries worldwide participating. Switzerland was represented by the team of the Institute of Energy in Building with Armin Binz, Monika Hall and Achim Geissler. Within the IEA research project and with Karsten Voss and Eike Musall as main authors a book in german and english on the topic has been written and published (in english, ISBN: 978-3-0346-0780-3).