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A selection of publications from earlier decades illustrates the scope of activity of Armin Binz. Energy renovation of buildings and sustainable construction can be seen as the thread of his professional career.
Titelbild Oekolog Nachhaltigkeit im Wohnungsbau Schatten 180
Environmental Sustainability in Residential  Buildings
A study in which an impartial comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Building replacement versus renovation was carried out for the first time. Armin Binz, Markus Erb, Gerold Lehmann: "Oekologische Nachhaltigkeit im Wohnungsbau", 116 pages, german, Institute of Energy in Building, FHNW, Federal Office of Energy, Berne 2000, out of print. Download
Titelbild PACER Erneuerbare Energien Schatten
Renewable Energyand Architecture
A guide for architects. Hints for architects, whatto consider in the respective planning phases when thermal or photovoltaic solar energy systems, wood stoves and furnaces or environmental energy shall be used.
E. Labhard, A. Binz, T. Zanoni, "Erneuerbare Energien und Architektur", german, 86 pages, Bundesamt für Konjukturfragen, Bern 1995, out of print. Forthose interested in historyDownload
Titelbild Energiefluesse Fensterglas Schatten 180
Recycling of Window Glazing
A study on the possibilities and limits of recycling window glazing while renovating buildings respectively  on the occasion of replacing windows. Armin Binz: "Wiederverwertung von Fensterglas", 46 Seiten, german, Institute of Energy in Building, FHNW, Federal Office of Energy, Berne 1996, out of print
Titelbild Sanieren renovieren Schatten 180
Rehabilitation – Renovation
Presentation of appropriate procedures for the Renovation of buildings. Energy rehabilitation of timber structures and building physics aspects that need to be taken into account. Publication for designers and contractors. Armin Binz et al: "Sanieren – Renovieren", 108 pages, german, Program on wood of the Federal Office for Economic Issues, Berne, 1989, out of print. Forthose interested in historyDownload
Titelbild SES Report 13 Schatten
Energy-conscious Building with the Climate and the Sun
Ideas, concepts and components of energy-conscious construction and passive solar energy utilization. Placement and presentation of the concept  - in order to achieve successful energy optimization and cutback of heat requirement -  that the building must be understood as a complete system and should be developed from scratch towards this goal. Armin Binz: "Energiebewusstes Bauen mit dem Klima und der Sonne", SES-Report No. 13, 183 pages, german, Zurich 1983 out of print. Forthose interested in historyDownload
Titelbild Waermesparen im Haus Schatten 180
How to Save Heating Energy in the House
A practical guide for residents, owners and managers, 80-page brochure for the homeowner from 1980 (out of print). It was printed in six-figure circulation and distributed free of charge.
Titelbild SES Report 4 Schatten
Optimum Thermal Insulation 1978
An initial study, when the topic of energy-efficient building was still very new. Citing from the cover: "30 to 50% of the heating energy is lost on average because the existing buildings have merely a minimal thermal protection. Approximately 10% of Switzerland's total energy consumption could be saved if the existing buildings would be retrofitted  with good thermal insulation, where this would be feasible at a reasonable cost ... " Unfortunately not so outdated as it would have to be. Armin Binz." Optimale Waermedaemmung von Gebaeuden", SES-Report No. 4, 125 pages, german, Zurich 1978 , out of print. Forthose interested in historyDownload